Flowers for women's day on March 8

Published : 01/21/2020 18:03:28

How did Women's Day come about? Facts about March 8.

It all started in 1910, when Clara Zetkin, at the International Conference of Women Socialists in Denmark, called for the creation of an International Women's Day where women could gather and organize marches on the right to work, poverty, peace and respect. This International Women's Day was celebrated for the first time in Europe on 19 March 1911.

In several European cities, this date changed every year, and in 1912 it was celebrated on May 12, March 1913.

The history of the March 8 celebration in Tsarist Russia began with rallies and demonstrations. On March 8, 1917, a textile strike took place, followed by a march with slogans on women's rights. It was one of the waves of protest that led to the February Revolution. The March 8 celebration coincided with a turning point in Russian history.

The history of the March 8 celebration of the 1970s was mainly about revolutionaries and their struggle for women's independence.

During the Soviet era, the March 8 celebration was declared a holiday. In 1965, Women's Day was celebrated to commemorate the outstanding merits of Soviet women in communist construction, defending their homeland during the Great Patriotic War, their heroism and dedication, and their great contribution to strengthening the friendship of nations and the struggle for peace.

The United Nations declared 1975 the International Year of Women. Since then, 8 March has officially become International Women's Day. Although initially revolutionary in the political spirit of March 8th, women's day was not as political in its 90s and began to be celebrated as a celebration for women around the world.

Womens day

What flowers do you choose not to give on March 8?

Flowers with coloring: Often in stores we see flowers that have been blown away, for example with gold, silver, bronze color. It is better to leave such flowers for thematic events, but not to choose to give them on Women's Day. In addition, a flower with this coloring can wither by evening.

Artificial Flowers: Although artificial flowers can look and smell almost like living flowers, it is better to leave such flowers for decorations, compositions or other events that require the flowers to last long. Often, many women also do not like artificial flowers.

Yellow Flowers: Yellow tulips are like farewell messengers. In flower language, yellow means jealousy, betrayal, separation. Even if the bouquet itself looks beautiful and playful, the woman can understand the gesture as a break in relationships.

Red carnations: For most people, carnations are associated with flowers placed at the foot of the monument. Historically, red carnations have a negative symbol - blood and aggression. Unless your woman is passionate about red carnations, you better not choose these flowers.

Tulips for womans day

Whom and what flowers to give on March 8?

Tulips are and remain a symbol of the March 8 classic. Tulips are like spring ambassadors, and from the start of the holiday, these flowers are presented on Women's Day! However, we have compiled a number of options for presenting flowers to different women in your life.

Flowers for Mom or Grandma on March 8th. The ideal flower choice would be to choose a bouquet of lilies, daisies or chrysanthemums, or if you want to give something a little more original, you can choose one of the flowers of orchid, kallas or anemone.

Flowers for the sister can be a little more playful. Nurses will also be in a position to choose a bouquet of flowers, but they may be slightly more playful flowers such as daisies, daffodils or bells. Of course, you can give your favorite women your favorite flowers, but if you are not sure, we suggest you follow these suggestions.

Flowers for the beloved on March 8, of course, can be - roses. For this holiday, we recommend to choose not only red, but also pink, soft pink, white roses, as well as a beautiful bouquet of shrubs. If you want to surprise with something new and original, we recommend choosing fragrant dolphins.

Flowers for a colleague. In this case, traditional tulips as well as stylish iris bouquets or daffodils are ideal.

Bouquet for the Boss: This bouquet should be chosen with extreme caution, as it is not customary for the bouquet to give one bouquet of flowers or small ones. You should choose a larger bouquet, such as tulips, alstromeria, gerberas or roses.

Flowers for Girlfriend: Almost any kind of flowers - lilies, carnations or sunflowers - are acceptable here.

The bouquet can consist of different flowers, for example carnations, alstromerias, gerberas or ranunculus. It is better to choose flowers in the same color range.

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