Flower bouquets

Flower bouquets

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  • Rose Bouquet - Little Mix

    Rose Bouquet - Little Mix. The rose bouquet consists of 27 different colors of roses, 40cm. Wrapped in elegant wrapping paper.

    43,50 €
  • Flower bouquet - Freshness

    Flower bouquet - Freshness. The bouquet is made of roses, alstromers and decorative seasonal plants, giving the flower recipient an uplifting and nice mood. Summer color combination will delight both the recipient and the surrounding.

    45,00 €
  • Bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums - Tenderness

    White and light cream bouquet is a universal gift that every woman will appreciate. Like an airy cloud, it exudes elegant sophistication. Roses symbolize attention and care, chrysanthemums will tell about sincerity and care. This flower ensemble demonstrates love. Despite the bouquet's luxury, the bouquet does not look intrusive, on the contrary, it is...

    47,40 €
  • Flower bouquet - Tulips Flower bouquets
    Not available!
    Flower bouquet - Tulips

    Flower bouquet - Tulips. Tulips have always been a spring messenger and one of the most popular women's flowers. Let your loved ones always feel loved by this luxurious bouquet of tulips. Before ordering, we recommend that you contact the flower shop for more details on flower availability.

    48,50 €
  • Tulip Bouquet - Red Flower bouquets
    Not available!
    Tulip Bouquet - Red

    Tulip Bouquet - Red, are the most loved and popular flowers for International Woman’s Day on March 8th. This is a decade classic that will not only delight the recipient on March 8, but also on any other celebrations. The red tulip bouquet will be the right choice. Before ordering, we recommend that you contact the flower shop for more details on flower...

    48,50 €
  • Tulip Bouquet - White Flower bouquets
    Not available!
    Tulip Bouquet - White

    Tulip Bouquet - White. As once told by our great poet, Imants Ziedonis: "Nothing is warmer than the snow ball that one person gifts to other." These beautiful and snowy tulips will definitely create such a lyrical mood for the recipient of these flowers. Before ordering, we recommend that you contact the flower shop for more details on flower availability.

    48,50 €
  • Tulip Bouquet - Pink Flower bouquets
    Not available!
    Tulip Bouquet - Pink

    Tulip Bouquet - Pink. Girly, playful, full of love and romance. As puffy and soft cloud to present to your beloved on the celebration. This bouquet will definitely make your heart beat faster. Before ordering, we recommend that you contact the flower shop for more details on flower availability.

    48,50 €
  • Tulip Bouquet - Purple Flower bouquets
    Not available!
    Tulip Bouquet - Purple

    Tulip Bouquet - Purple. Elegant, saturated and colourful bouquet of tulips. These flowers are royal and charming, enchanted by this flower recipient. Surprise your loved one with such a flower bouquet. Before ordering, we recommend that you contact the flower shop for more details on flower availability.

    48,50 €
  • Flower bouquet - Springtime Flower bouquets
    Not available!
    Flower bouquet - Springtime

    Flower bouquet - Springtime, this bouquet is made of iris and yellow tulips. This flower bouquet will definitely please and warm up any heart. Both in the cold winter and in the hot summer, the colorful and spring bouquet will be the right choice.

    48,90 €
  • Roses and carnations
    Zpuskis 22

    Stylish and colorful bouquet of roses and carnations will be suitable for different occasions and will be a good gift for both women and men. Vivid, beautiful and colorful flowers will create a pleasant and playful mood for the flower recipient.

    49,50 €
  • Flower bouquet - Mood

    Flower bouquet - Mood. A bouquet of flowers will be the right bouquet for someone close to you to recognize your feelings. The bouquet is made of gerberas, alstromeria and chrysanthemums.

    49,70 €
  • Flower bouquet - Autumn

    Flower bouquet - Autumn, the bouquet is decorated in a romantic style and is made of roses and alstromeria, complemented with greens and ornamental plants.

    50,40 €
  • Flower bouquet - Peony Flower bouquets
    Not available!
    Flower bouquet - Peony

    Flower bouquet - Peony. The flower bouquet is made of 9 pink, white or red peonies and ornamental plants. Beautiful and fragrant peonies will give the flower recipient a nice and summery emotion.

    51,00 €
  • Roses and shrub roses
    Zpuskis 23

    A bouquet of graceful, gorgeous and harmonious roses. This bouquet of roses and shrubs will give a beautiful and warm birthday or name day. Beautiful and durable flowers for your loved ones during the holidays.

    51,50 €
  • Various roses with pistachios
    Zpuskis 24

    Gorgeous, sophisticated and fresh, a bouquet of different roses, complemented with pistachio twigs, will be a playful and festive bouquet. Will be great for young people on birthdays and name days.

    52,50 €
  • Flower bouquet - Eucalyptus

    Flower Bouquet - Eucalyptus, a bouquet of different roses, complemented by beautiful and fresh eucalyptus plants. This bouquet is full of freshness and color that will be a great gift for a man or woman. A beautiful and colorful bouquet that will bring even more joy to a special day.

    53,50 €
  • Bouquet with Roses and Statice 60cm

    Roses and statice produce beautiful and luxurious bouquets of flowers. Roses with their delicate and fragile petals, along with the perennial and durable statice, create a gorgeous flower composition. Roses and statice can be found in different colors.

    53,60 €
  • Flower bouquet - Alstromery

    A bouquet of flowers from your favorite alstromers will be suitable for different celebrations. Flowers on the last day of school, mothers day or birthday. These flowers are suitable for greetings for both women and men. Colorful and beautiful bouquet that will delight for days.

    53,90 €
  • Florist's flower bouquet

    Florist's flower bouquet is a bouquet of your choice. It is possible to choose bouquets of white, pink or yellow tones, either standard size, medium or large. This bouquet will be an elegant greeting for such celebrations - graduation, greeting of colleagues, name day, birthday, greeting to a loved one.

    58,80 €
  • Gently pink roses 60cm

    Gently pink roses will create a pleasant freshness. Such a bouquet is a symbol of true and impeccable feelings. A gift that reveals your feelings and intentions. The special charm of the composition will touch the heart of every woman and will convey the message of your feelings. There is no unnecessary detail in the bouquet - just a beautiful pink flower...

    59,70 €
  • Pink and white bush roses

    A bouquet of flowers full of softness, lightness and charm. It includes all the freshness of the summer morning, hidden in their silky petals. The light, light-colored rose cloud will delight the sophisticated and romantic blossom of nature. Undoubtedly, this light pink and white color gamut is a wonderful gift for a young woman, girlfriend, sister or...

    59,80 €
  • Flower bouquet - Gerbera

    Flower bouquet - Gerbera. A beautiful bouquet with so many popular gerberas. This romantic pink flower bouquet will make feel special to someone.

    59,90 €
  • Orange yellow bush roses

    Stylish yellow-orange bush rose bouquet will be an elegant and charming gift. The lightness of this composition is achieved through the use of warm, fun colors and fine shrub roses. The combination of flowering flowers and buds creates naturalness and the best thing is that such a bouquet will delight for days.

    59,90 €
  • Bouquet of flowers - Holiday
    Zpuskis 25

    The gentleness of the flowers presents a great mood. Flower Bouquet Holiday, will be the right choice for those who want to surprise their loved ones with a love-full shipment. Consistent roses and lysantheums will be able to convey your desired feelings for the holidays.

    60,50 €
  • Rose Bouquet - Summer Evening

    An exciting, mysterious and elegant bouquet will create a romantic mood. The pink color of the bouquet symbolizes admiration, touching, pure and innocent love. The advantage of flower composition is its versatility. The bouquet will be suitable for both the young girl and the more mature woman.

    63,80 €
  • Flower Composition - Waltz

    This bouquet is bold and challenging. The bouquet is harmonious and versatile. It reflects an exciting desire, a fire of emotion and love. Eucalyptus twigs refresh and give the bouquet a beautiful and powerful smell. This beautiful and gorgeous bouquet of flowers is the right gift for your beloved and single woman.

    64,30 €
  • White and pink roses 60cm

    Expression of love, positive and affectionate feelings. This rose bouquet meets all your needs. Always elegant and royal roses, white and pink shades will allow you to express your feelings to a special person on their special holiday. Birthday, Name Day, Mother's Day, or Valentine's Day.

    64,80 €
  • Rose bouquet - Different colors 60cm

    Can't choose the most beautiful roses, why not combine multiple color roses in one great flower bouquet? We offer a bouquet of colorful flowers that combine several rose colors. This will be the real flower bouquet for a woman's birthday, day of the year or haste in everyday life. Roses make smiles at the same time, so please your loved one today.

    65,80 €
  • Flower Bouquet - Lisianthus

    Flower Bouquet - Lisianthus, fine and fragile lisianthus, along with strong roses and ornamental plants, will be a truly romantic surprise for your loved one. The bouquet will be suitable for greetings on the birthday, the birthday and the day of the word.

    67,90 €
  • Rose Bouquet of 21 Roses - Red

    Rose Bouquet of 21 Roses - Red, a very elegant and beautiful bouquet of red roses, loved all the time. The red color symbolizes the existence of romantic feelings and love. Red roses also reflect beauty and perfection.

    69,80 €
  • Rose Bouquet of 21 Roses - Red and White

    Rose Bouquet of 21 Roses - Red and White. The red-white rose bouquet will make the flower recipient feel loved and understood. Such a flower bouquet will be the right choice for birthdays and other family holidays.

    71,50 €
  • Rose Bouquet of 21 Roses - Mix

    Rose Bouquet of 21 Roses - Mix, colorful, springy, cheerful and playful flower bouquet. The rose bouquet consists of white, red and yellow roses, which are combined in a beautiful bouquet.

    71,50 €
  • Orange rose bouquet

    Orange has always been a joy and a positive full color. The beautiful orange rose bouquet will be able to give the sun's heat even on a rainy day. This bouquet will be able to revive and bring warmth and joy in any home and in the heart of people. This will be a great way to please a beloved woman, mom or work colleague. Orange flowers will be suitable...

    75,00 €
  • Red, white and pink rose bouquet

    White roses symbolize virtue, the love of pink roses and the feel of red roses. This rose bouquet will be a great gift to admit your love and express your beloved feelings to your beloved woman. Surprise a loved one with a real sense of explosion and a bouquet of roses.

    75,60 €
  • Flower Composition - Graduation

    Original flower cocktail. Gentle shrub roses, pink roses that extend the bright and glorious carnations. Excellent freshness for this bouquet is accompanied by added eucalyptus and ornamental plants. This is a great, summery and playful bouquet of flowers that will be perfect for graduation. A graduate of such a bouquet will definitely remember and notice.

    76,80 €


Flower bouquets have been an integral part of celebrations and gifts for years. Flowers always cause positive emotions and bring joy to everyone. Flowers are mostly given at the celebrations, but VIOLET.LV recommends to enjoy the beautiful flower bouquets on a daily basis. Our flower shop offers you to choose beautiful, fresh and original flower bouquets and we will deliver them to you at the right place and time.

Flower bouquets will be a great gift for women and men. Men also love to receive flowers at festivities and we will create a great bouquet for your beloved man, colleague, brother or loved one.

The bouquets of our florists have become more and more popular. These flower bouquets are made up of seasonal flowers and plants and you have the choice of bouquet tones as well as the number of flowers in the bouquet. If you want to congratulate your loved ones with the original bouquet of the seasonal flowers, the only thing you need to do is choose the color and size of the flower bouquet, the rest will be taken care of our great florists of VIOLET.LV.

The Internet Flower Delivery Service VIOLET.LV offers a wide selection of flower bouquets and compositions. Our website has a convenient navigation system that allows you to order flower bouquets with courier delivery quickly and easily.

Depending on the budget, you can buy a small bouquet or an elegant 101-rose composition that will be delivered by our delivery service, VIOLET.LV will make your celebration unforgettable.


Why to order and choose VIOLET.LV Flower Delivery Service:

  • Florist bouquets from our flower shop are made up of fresh flowers that will delight the flower recipient for a long time.
  • We adhere to the principles of aesthetic attractiveness and harmony, floristic fashion trends and compatibility of different flowers.
  • We use quality packaging materials for bouquets.
  • We strive to expand the range of offerings with modern solutions. We make original flower arrangements, flower boxes, flower baskets or rose bouquets.
  • You can add chocolate, candy or coffee to your order.
  • Our consultants will help you make the right choice of flower bouquet.
  • Flower delivery in Riga and Jurmala works without interruptions and holidays. Flower courier is delivering around the clock.
  • Our flower couriers are courteous, tidy and friendly.

Call by phone +371 20523707. Order a flower bouquet today. Everything is simple! Flower delivery in Riga and Latvia. Flower courier in the center of Riga will deliver flowers free of charge. The flower shop will deliver flowers both on weekdays and on weekends. Flower delivery on Sundays by calling the VIOLET.LV Internet Flower Delivery Store.