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Flower boxes

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  • Flower box - Roses and sweets
    Fbox 45

    What are women most excited about? Of course, about flowers and sweets. We've made a great gift - two in one. The beautiful roses and the always delicious Rafaelello confetti are combined in one beautiful flower box. Surprise your loved one during the holidays.

    35,00 €
  • Winter box

    Winter box will be a great Christmas decoration in your home or workplace. It will also be perfect as an unforgettable gift to corporate clients. Or maybe you want to send it as a surprise to a loved one? A composition that will warm the heart and remain in the memory.

  • Flower Box - Pastel

    Beautiful pastel flowers will warm the heart of the flower recipient. This is the most suitable flower box that will fit into any interior and will be the perfect gift for people of all kinds. Such flowers, in mild color combinations, soothe and delight any. Allows love and joy to decorate the feast.

    39,90 €
  • Mini surprise

    Roses, statice and pistachios are the perfect combination of flowers. They perfectly complement and highlight each other, and they also provide a huge amount of emotion to the flower recipient in the mini box. The flowers will delight for days and you will definitely earn a lot of good words for surprise.

    41,80 €
  • Flower box with macaroons
    Fbox 43

    Flower box with macaroons is a festive and delicious surprise. A gift for loved ones at every holiday. Tasteful seasonal flowers combined with a sweet surprise in a beautiful hat box. This flower box is one of our favourite among our customers. Always make the surprise recipient smile.

    43,80 €
  • Heart shaped box with macarons
    Fbox 44

    Heart shaped box with macarons will definitely make the recipient's heart beat faster. A beautiful, playful and colorful gift for the loved ones during the holidays. The various seasonal flowers in combination with colored macaroni will be a true greeting on a major holiday.

    43,80 €
  • Flower Box - Heart

    Flower Box - Heart, a charming white rose composition in a heart shaped gift box. The heart-shaped flower box will always be up to date and will please any heart. The composition is made of white roses, depending on the size of the flower head, the number of roses may vary slightly.

    44,00 €
  • Flower Box - LOVE

    Flower Box - Love. What is the most beautiful way to confess someone? Of course - flowers. And nothing more says Love as a composition of red rose flowers in a heart-shaped flower box. The composition is made of red roses, depending on the size of the flower head, the number of roses may vary slightly.

    44,00 €
  • Flower box with carnations

    Flower box with carnations - forgotten, critically criticized and loved at the same time. Carnations were already used in ancient Greek ceremonies, called the flowers of God. These flowers are often given on Mother's Day, expressing gratitude for all that is provided. The carnation in the flower box will certainly be an original and beautiful gift for the...

    45,00 €
  • Flower Box - Colored Roses

    The blend of rose colors will be the embodiment of summer joy, symbolizing freshness and lightness. It is no coincidence that the role of rose in the flower language is a queen, such a sunny color gamut symbolizes luck and endless happiness. This compact flower box looks bulky and presentable. It is a perfect gift for fun and energetic personalities, and...

    46,90 €
  • Bloom Box - Roses and Shrub Roses Mix

    Bloom Box in pink tones, which brings its beauty and perfection thanks to a blend of rose and bush roses. Gentle and playful shrub roses give this flower composition lightness and sophistication.

    47,00 €
  • Colored bush rose box

    Effective and beautiful shrub roses in a great color composition. This will be a friendly and playful greeting for both women and men at all celebrations. By choosing such a floral greeting, you will surely surprise the flower recipient.

    47,00 €
  • Flower box with pink bush roses

    How better to express your feelings, if not with a beautiful flower composition, in a beautiful flower box. Shrub roses have become one of the favourite flowers that are chosen by more people. We have taken care to impress everyone.

    47,00 €
  • Flower Box - Creamy Roses

    The gentle cream-colored flowers, together with the lush and vibrant green ornamental plants, will create a pleasant and peaceful mood. This kind of floral composition will give a loving and warm welcome to its recipient. Such a flower bouquet placed on the table at home or in the office will make you smile for anyone who will be in the room.

    49,00 €
  • Flower Box - Red Roses

    Do you want to please someone special, even without a special event? We offer a small flower box with red roses and ornamental plants. This will be a nice and unexpected surprise for everyone to delight and make the recipient's day brighter and more positive.

    49,00 €
  • Flower Box - Bachata

    This is a special flower box that unites roses, bushes, gerberas and pistachios in a common dance. If you want to surprise someone with originality, this will be the right choice. The recipient will study the beautiful combination for a long time and will see new nuances each time.

    51,00 €
  • Pink roses and lysantes

    The soft and romantic pink rose flowers will bring the energy of love home. A surprise that will always happen. A little greeting to your loved ones on holidays or everyday.

    54,00 €
  • Flower Box - Pink Sunset

    Pink shades saturated, tasteful greeting at the celebration. The floral composition used with sunset colors and warmth will give you an unforgettable holiday. This flower box will be a great gift for your birthday, birthday, day and other important celebrations.

    54,00 €
  • Flower Box - Minimalist

    Don't know how to please your friend or loved one with an elegant and sophisticated floral composition? We have exactly what you are looking for. Exquisite white flowers in an elegant black hat box. This flower box will fit in every interior and space. Surprise the flower recipient with an unusual and sophisticated floral composition.

    54,00 €
  • Flower Box - Red cloud

    Flower Box - Red cloud is a sophisticated and elegant greeting at the celebration. Carmine-red roses and black elegant hat box, complemented with a beautiful satin ribbon. This flower box will make the recipient's heart beat faster. A great way to express your feelings without words.

    57,90 €
  • Flower Box - Romance

    This romantic flower box consists of gentle and playful carnations, roses, pistachio leaves and ornamental plants. The perfect gift for a loved one, family members or close friends.

    59,00 €
  • Flower Box - Brilliance

    Brilliance. This gorgeous and elegant rose box will make the recipient breathe faster. Ruby red roses in an elegant flower box, complemented by beautiful and shimmering crystals, will not leave indifferent. When ordering, write in the comment do you want the flowers to be hidden under the lid of the box or more outward.

    61,90 €
  • Flower Box with tulips

    Flower Box with tulips - the messenger of spring, freshness and romance. Beautiful, colorful and joyful tulip composition in a round-shaped flower box, delighted by its recipient, any time of year. The composition is made of 47 tulips, depending on the size of the flower head, the number of tulips may vary slightly.

    67,90 €
  • Flower Box - SPRING
    Fbox 100

    Flower Box - spring greeting that will make everyone smile. Gentle tulips with exotic greens are a wonderful greeting on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, christenings and other beautiful moments of life.

    67,90 €
  • Bloom Box - Summer Morning

    The juicy and bright blend of bloom box colored roses, carnations and eucalyptus will create a fun and summer mood for the flower recipient. This flower box combines flowers and colors to create a positive hue - sunny, warm and fresh. This Bloom Box has nothing to do except the wonderful flowers, with the correct rounded shape, created according to the...

    68,80 €
  • Flower Box - Fantasy Forest

    Flower Box - Fantasy Forest. Want to please someone with a fabulously rich flower composition? The fantasy forest will be the right choice to allow the flower recipient to enjoy the beautiful and fragrant box of flowers, which consists of various topical flowers for days. This spectacular flower composition will make the recipient's heart beat faster.

    70,80 €
  • Flower Box with white roses

    Flower Box with white roses - a charming white rose composition in a round-shaped gift box. If you want to be surprised, this is the right choice. The composition is made of 19 roses, depending on the size of the flower head, the number of roses may vary slightly.

    72,90 €
  • Florist flower box

    Florist flower box is a flower gift of your choice. The flower box is available in white, pink or yellow tones, standard size, medium or large. This romantic and elegant flower gift will delight you in every possible celebration.

    74,80 €
  • Flower Box with pink roses

    Flower Box with pink roses - a charming pink rose composition in a round-shaped gift box. If you want to be surprised, this is the right choice. The composition is made of 37 pink roses, depending on the size of the flower head, the number of roses may vary slightly.

    77,00 €
  • Flower Box with flower composition

    Flower Box with flower composition - this beautiful spring greeting in a round-shaped flower box will definitely be a perfect gift for the recipient, who will smile all day long. The floral composition is made up of various flowers: rose, lysantes, carnations and ornamental plants.

    79,90 €
  • Flower Box - Blue Sky

    Flower Box - Blue sky is a flower composition that will make the flower recipient feel loved. This beautiful flower composition will be able to delight not only the recipient of flowers, but also everyone around you. The composition is made of different flowers and roses.

    85,90 €
  • Flower Box - BRILLIANCE

    Flower Box with red roses - these flowers will make the flower recipient feel special and loved. As we know, red is the color of love and passion, if you want someone to feel, this will definitely be the right choice of flowers. The number of roses may vary depending on the size of the flower head.

    87,90 €
  • Flower Box - For Princess

    Flower Box - For Princess is made up of various flowers and roses with a similar color range. Ornamental plants give this floral composition a special sense of sophistication. This will definitely be the right choice for a wonderful first date.

    88,90 €
  • Bloom box - Eustoma

    Perfect, gentle and fragile eustoma, together with decorative plants, look royal and elegant. Eustomas will surprise the flower recipient with a sweet aroma and a sophisticated look. This flower box will be suitable for both women and men. This will be the real flower composition to congratulate colleagues, friends and loved ones.

    89,00 €
  • Flower Box with peonies Flower boxes Flower Box with peonies Flower boxes
    Not available!
    Flower Box with peonies

    Flower Box with peonies. Peony's dizzying smell and saturated pink tone will make you feel relentless in the smile of this flower recipient. The composition is composed of 19 peonies, depending on the size of the flower head, the number of peony may vary slightly.

    119,00 €


The online flower delivery shop VIOLET.LV, offers to order a modern gift - flower box or bloom box. You can place your order in our flower shop catalog by choosing the flower box you like, as well as the different versions with bloom box. VIOLET.LV will deliver your gift to any address, office, hospital with delivery in Riga, Jurmala or another Latvian city. Our florists and floral couriers are working to make you and the recipient of the flower gift happy. Flower shop courier delivers flowers 24/7, without holidays. We will be happy to help you with your original flower box selection and good mood.

For those who do not yet know what a flower box and bloom box is, let's try to tell you more about it. The modern flower box, bloom box, has gained popularity recently. It is a modern floral composition, a gift for people who want to surprise, surprise with elegance, with their delightful sense of beauty. The flower box consists of the box itself, which can be made of cardboard or other material, mostly round, but can also be in the shape of a heart or a rectangle. The flower box, or hat box, contains a floral oasis that keeps the flowers moist by keeping them fresh and beautiful. In addition to gift boxes, you can add some sweets such as macaroons, candy, chocolate, strawberries or other berries.

If you can't choose which flower box you want to order, you can choose one of the florist's choice of flower boxes, where our great team will create a beautiful, romantic and seasonal gift. The only thing you need to do is choose one of the colours of the flower box composition. These flower boxes are unique and it is impossible to repeat two identical boxes, as this will definitely be an original gift for both a woman and a man!

We can create flower boxes with your desired flowers and flower colours. A flower box or bloom box can be presented as gifts, for example, to company employees, themed parties, students or teachers in graduation, on mothers day, birthdays and name days. Flowers in flower boxes will certainly stand out among the rest of the flowers and will delight the recipient of flowers for days. Such flowers will be ideal if they need to be transported, for example, from the office or party to the home, they will always be in the water and the composition will stand steady.


Flower boxes can be very different, with simple daisies or charming roses. If you want a romantic gift, then it is better to choose white, pink or red flowers - roses, peonies. The friendly gesture will be yellow, orange or blue. For business and cooperation partners, we recommend choosing cool flower boxes. If you choose the VIOLET.LV flower delivery service, you will definitely leave a good impression on the flower recipient.

Flower box and flower boxes are handed out by those who want something new, interested in a contemporary view of the gift of flowers. Flower boxes are presented at all celebrations, anniversaries, for children and loved ones. It's your choice! Send your original flower gift!