Our friends and partners

VIOLET.LV is always on tested values, so we are happy to introduce you to our friends and partners.
Cimpa Rimpa is a family-owned company that started its creative activities in 2013, creating the first baby diary in a wooden cover for his newborn daughter. Having earned the recognition of relatives and friends, the company decided to offer its products to others, and was really surprised by the widespread recognition of people.
This is the first company in Latvia that offers book covers tied to wooden covers, which Cimpa Rimpa is very proud of.

Customer recognition inspires us with heart and creates a desire to evolve by regularly upgrading our existing offerings, developing new designs and products according to trends.
Plenty of time and care has been invested in design and product development, thinking that customers can get the best!
Cimpa Rimpa is a professional in the industry with high quality standards.
Darināt is a nature-friendly company that manufactures eco-based products and calls on its customers to do so. Larua's loyal buyers already know that the website has the opportunity to buy all the necessary raw materials for making eco candles, soaps and cosmetics.
The basic elements of the product are natural gifts, which, when embodying in various forms, like the good house spirits, can conjure up and give the environment a special mood. Products dressed in Latvian natural tones and materials, made from ecological raw materials, and among them, each will be able to find the most suitable - both exhilarating aromas for a pleasant and promising start of the day, as well as relaxing and warm scents that will shade the daily care and relaxation of the cozy evening of peace.

We are with you, our friends and partners!