Greeting cards

Greeting cards

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  • Greeting card - YOU ARE SO WEIRD

    Greeting card - YOU ARE SO WEIRD Stylish card for celebration. It will fit perfectly for the loved ones who have a sense of humor and who can laugh at themselves too. Minimalistic card with witty and laconic text.

    3,50 €

    Greeting card - AGE ONLY MATTERS IF YOU'RE WINE Ideal birthday card. Witty and cheerful text that will definitely make a smile to the recipients face. The card will be perfect for friends or close family members.

    3,50 €
  • Greeting card - VINTAGE, DEFINITELY

    Greeting card - I WOULDN'T SAY YOU ARE OLD. VINTAGE, DEFINITELY! The very best card on the birthday. Short, concise and witty. All you need to congratulate someone on a birthday. The card will definitely make you smile and delight the recipient.

    3,50 €
  • Greeting card - I THINK YOU ARE CUTE

    Greeting card - I THINK YOU ARE CUTE Don't know how to say your feelings, but don't want to be banal. This card will be the one that will allow you to express your feelings and delight the flower recipient. Nice, true and special greeting to a special person.

    3,50 €
  • Greeting card - SOMETIMES I LOOK AT YOU

    Greeting card - SOMETIMES I LOOK AT YOU AND WONDER, HOW I GOT TO BE SO DAMN LUCKY! A special card for a special and important person. A beautiful and open card is enough to thank someone special.

    3,50 €
  • Greeting card - MAKING MEMORIES

    Greeting card - MAKING MEMORIES WITH YOU IS MY FAVOURITE THING TO DO To say something important and loved, you can only say it in few words! Greeting Card is laconic, short but at the same time able to say more than hundreds of words. This card will please your loved one.

    3,50 €
  • Greeting card - I HAVE NO IDEA

    Greeting card - I HAVE NO IDEA HOW OLD ARE YOU I have no idea how old are you. Funny, amusing and sweet birthday card. This card is suitable for both women and men and work mates as well.

    3,50 €
  • Greeting card - MAKE YOU HAPPY
    GreetCard 6

    Greeting card - I JUST WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. BECAUSE YOU ARE THE REASON THAT I AM SO HAPPY Ideal  greeting card to tell someone close to you how you feel. This card will perfectly complement the magnificent composition of flowers.

    3,50 €
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    Additional price - This is not a product for ordering, it is an additional option where you can add an extra charge for a service.

    20,00 €

Birthday cards, name day cards and for all other holidays!

Want to add a stylish, interesting and original greeting card to your original flower composition and / or gift? We have everything you need. In cooperation with MyPrint VIOLET.LV offers to congratulate your loved ones with interesting and tasteful greeting cards.

In our offer you will find a greeting card for all kind of  holidays. The card can be sincere or a bit ironic, it all depends on what you want.

Our online flower and gift shop allows you to choose the most beautiful and the best card, according to your taste and feelings, all you have to do when ordering flowers - add any stylized greeting card to your order.

The cards are designed in a similar minimalism style. Expressive and beautiful, will definitely pass your message to the recipient.

When choosing a greeting card to add to the order, also fill in the field with the text for the card. We will print your wishes and deliver it with the card to the flower recipient.

Not much is needed to tell how you feel. Beautiful flowers and a sweet greeting card will please every recipient.

Card Description:

Size: 15 x 10 cm

Includes a beautiful kraft paper envelope

Printed on 100% natural paper with FSC® certification