Flower Shop delivery terms

Flower Shop delivery terms

Flower delivery terms

All flowers and gifts are delivered by the courier of the VIOLET.LV store. We deliver flowers every working day, on holidays and on weekends. To learn more about flower delivery terms on holidays, please contact the VIOLET.LV flower shop by phone +371 20523707 before ordering to arrange order fulfillment and conditions.

Flower delivery in Riga

Delivery in Riga region is completed no sooner than three hours after order confirmation and payment. From 10.00 to 20.00 flower delivery in the center of Riga is free. In other regions of Riga, a separate service delivery fee is applicable.

Flower delivery outside Riga

Delivery of gift and flower orders beyond Riga borders is executed between 10.00 and 20.00, not earlier than four hours after order confirmation and payment, which is made before 14.00. If the order is paid later than 14.00, the flower delivery is postponed to the next business day. By agreement with VIOLET.LV, you can place an order on the same business day for a separate fee. Delivery charges for orders are applied depending on the region of delivery.

Flower delivery in other cities of Latvia

The delivery of flowers and gifts outside the supply regions indicated on the VIOLET.LV web site is possible by calling the phone number +371 20523707 before placing the order.

Flower delivery at night

Flower delivery overnight has to be agreed with VIOLET.LV before placing the order, using the contact form on the website or by calling +371 20523707. An additional charge of EUR 20 will be charged for any order after 22:00 to 7.00.

Flower Delivery Execution

Any order placed is delivered to the specified address of the recipient at the delivery time of your choice. In order for the order to be executed on time, it is necessary to pay the order, specify the address of the recipient, phone number, etc. requested information. Changing delivery times may vary for reasons beyond our control. We do not guarantee 100% flower delivery at your chosen time.

Flower delivery price

To find out the delivery prices of the order, you must choose the item, then put it in the basket of goods on our website, choosing all the specified parameters, the delivery fee will be applied at the time of placing the order. By ordering during a holiday, for example, Valentine's Day, March 8, New Year, etc. an additional shipping charge will automatically be calculated.


Shipping costs € (eur) in Riga city districts and cities of Latvia.

  1. Old Town (Rīga), Center, Andrejsala, Grizinkalns, Brasa, Skanste - free of charge
  2. Sarkandaugava, Mezaparks, Ciekurkalns, Mezciems - 5
  3. Teika, Jugla, Bergi, Purvciems, Plavnieki, Darzciems - 5
  4. Agenskalns, Kalnciems, Ziepniekkalns, Valdlauci, Kipsala - 5
  5. Imanta, Ilguciems, Dzirciems, Zolitude, Kengarags, Rumbula - 5
  6. Moscow Forshtadt, Tornakalns, Zasulauks - 5
  7. Ulbroka, Dreilini, Milgravis - 6
  8. Vecmilgravis, Jaunciems, Bolderaja, Riga Airport (Rīga - RIX), Marupe - 7
  9. Mangalsala, Balozi - 8
  10. Babite, Pinki, Salaspils, Kekava, Jaunmarupe - 10
  11. Baltezers, Adazi, Silakrogs - 13
  12. Jurmala, Carnikava, Olaine, Ikskile, Vangazi - 15
  13. Jelgava, Ogre, Ropaži, Ozolnieki, Iecava, Saulkrasti - 20
  14. Lielvarde, Sigulda - 25
  15. Tukums, Dobele, Bauska - 30