Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions about VIOLET.LV flower Delivery

Do I have to register before ordering?
No, registering is optional.

Can I pay for flower delivery in cash?
No, you can't. You can only place an order and pay for it in the online store.

Is flower delivery possible at night?
You can order flower delivery also at night hours by prior arrangement with our online store by calling +37120523707 until 20:00. Flower or gift delivery at night hours costs 20eur.

How fast is flower delivery?
Flower delivery within Riga is from 2 - 3h from the moment of receiving the payment, delivery of flowers outside Riga is from 3h.

Does VIOLET.LV also has a physical store where you can see the offer?
Currently, VIOLET.LV is just an online store, offers and items can be viewed on our website.

What are the possible payment methods for ordering in VIOLET.LV?

  • PaySera is a secure and easy way to pay online
  • Internet bank payment

How will I know that my order has been delivered?
When your order will be delivered, you will receive an email about new status. By prior arrangement, our courier can also send a WhatsApp message.

Is it possible to choose a multi-flower composition that isn't listed on your website?
Yes, you can call in advance and arrange with VIOLET.LV for your preferred flower delivery. We will fulfill any order unless the desired flowers are available at that time.