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  • Thoughtful gift for woman

    Thoughtful gift for woman - want to have a nice evening with your loved one, but don't know what to present? We can offer a proven and beautiful way to please your woman. Great surprise and original gift. Enjoy a special drink in the candlelight and delight your taste buds with special sweets. And all in one great surprise box. It will be a fantastic gift...

    37,90 €
  • Flowers in the box

    Flowers in the box - want to surprise someone with flowers, but get tired of the everyday flower bouquets? We have the perfect solution. A flower box complemented with great sweets that will taste for everyone. A beautiful and original surprise hidden in a great gift box, this is a gift and flowers - two in one.

    42,00 €
  • Flower box with macaroons
    Fbox 43

    Flower box with macaroons is a festive and delicious surprise. A gift for loved ones at every holiday. Tasteful seasonal flowers combined with a sweet surprise in a beautiful hat box. This flower box is one of our favourite among our customers. Always make the surprise recipient smile.

    43,80 €
  • Heart shaped box with macarons
    Fbox 44

    Heart shaped box with macarons will definitely make the recipient's heart beat faster. A beautiful, playful and colorful gift for the loved ones during the holidays. The various seasonal flowers in combination with colored macaroni will be a true greeting on a major holiday.

    43,80 €
  • Gift Box with macaroons

    Gift Box with macaroons - an elegant and unique gift box that will fit any celebration and life situation. For a romantic evening with you loved one, a Valentine's Day surprise, for a meeting with the best friend, a nice surprise at work or any other life situation.

    45,00 €
  • Great gift for a woman

    Great gift for a woman - this is a gift box that will be perfect for any surprise or any celebration. It is enough to look for the best gift, we have created it for you. We have made sure that any celebrations you celebrate have succeeded. With such a great gift box you can even go for a picnic, everything you need is here!

    59,00 €
  • Gift box for man

    Gift box for a man or a business partner - an elegant box with a surprise under the lid. A mysterious and classic gift - proven values - crystal wine glasses, Ferrero Rocher chocolate and roses. Delight your beloved man or partner with this elegant surprise.

    81,00 €
  • Romantic surprise

    Romantic surprise - a gift in which everything is thought of. We've taken care of everything You need to make recipient unforgettable emotions. Everyone loves flowers and sweets, just such a gift, in an elegant package, will make your loved one smile all day long.

    89,00 €
  • Original gift for woman

    Original gift for woman - an elegant minimalism that will please every recipient of this original gift. Roses will convey your emotions without words. The delicious Fererro Rocher chocolate candies will surely delight the recipient, enjoying some drink in beautiful crystal glasses.

    95,00 €
  • Gift box with 19 roses

    Gift box with 19 roses - are you pleased to surprise your beloved with a romantic evening or Happy Valentine's Day? There are 19 roses added to this elegant gift box: a symbol of feelings, sincerity and love. By giving roses, you are guaranteed to please the recipient and you will hear the enthusiasm and the words of gratitude. It will be a good gift for...

    95,90 €
  • Everything is thought out

    Everything is thought out - this is a gift box that combines everything you need in one set. Red roses, gold Ferrero Rocher, Raffaello, crystal wine glasses and aromatic candle. By sending such a surprise, we guarantee that its recipient will have no clue what lies in this gift box, creating even more joy when opening the gift.

    97,00 €
  • Valentine's Day Gift

    Valentine's Day Gift - A royal surprise for a beloved woman. Does your beloved love romantic evenings? If yes, then this gift box is what you need. A delicious drink for sensation, a fragrant candle for atmospheric creation, chocolate candies for sweetness, great crystal red wine glasses and 19 roses for a wonderfully closing composition of this great...

    99,00 €


By ordering a gift box with delivery in Riga and Latvia, you will give long-lasting and unforgettable feelings to the recipient. These gift boxes give you an original opportunity to congratulate the closest and dearest people at the celebration.


Gift boxes will be an ideal gift for both women and men. With our gifts, you are not left to make mistakes.

By ordering this gift box, you have the opportunity to assemble it according to your wishes. You can choose a gift box with or without flowers. You can add more sweets, glasses, change flower color.

Order a gift box as an ideal surprise for your birthday, March 8, Valentine's Day, or any other celebration you choose.

Our flower shop knows how difficult it is to choose a great gift for the celebration, so we have taken care of the idea and performance, you just have to choose the one you like.

We will take care of the moment of surprise and smile on your beloved faces throughout the day.

For any questions or changes in the composition of the gift box, please call +371 20523707 before, our kind florists will definitely advise you the best and the best gift for a woman or a man.