How to order?

How to order?

How to place an order in flower shop VIOLET.LV

In order to make your order in our shop easy and convenient, we have prepared a brief guide for you in order to avoid any complications in the order process.

1. Enter the flower delivery shop at the online store

To make shopping easy, you can find flower bouquets of interest on the main page and in other sections of the shop - roses, flower boxes, gift boxes, personalized, flower bouquets, gifts, flower baskets.

How to order nr1

2. Select the item you have liked and press the - Add to cart button

How to order nr2

3. After clicking the button add to cart, a new information window will open, where you will see the shopping cart content, the items you have chosen. You have the option of adding another item or gift by pressing the - Continue shopping button or, if you have already chosen, press the - Proceed to checkout button.

How to order nr3

4. You have now entered the order form where you have to enter your data:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail

How to order nr4

5. After entering your data, you have to enter the data of the flower recipient to whom the flowers will be delivered or your data if the recipient of the flowers is you.

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • More information
  • city
  • Greeting card text

5.1 Next you have to click on the delivery location - the city or the district where the flower recipient is located.

5.2 Choose a delivery date by clicking on the calendar day you want the recipient of the flower to congratulate.

5.3 Choose delivery time, this is the time period in which we will deliver flowers.

How to order nr5
6. Here is a summary of your order. Click the Checkout button to continue. You will receive a payment system window where you can make a payment.

How to order nr6

7. Here you have to choose the bank with which you will pay.

You have to click on the bank with which you will make the payment and further - I confirm my order, you will get to the payment page of the bank of your choice.

If you want to pay with a bank from another country, choose another country and bank.


8. You will receive a confirmation e-mail about the completed order.