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  • Sweets RAFFAELLO 150gr

    Sweets RAFFAELLO 150gr is a perfect combination of coconut and almonds that is popular worldwide. These are the romantic candies given to the beloved woman. Sweets RAFFAELLO 150gr will make you feel your feelings.

    6,90 €
  • Sweets FERRERO ROCHER 200gr

    Sweets FERRERO ROCHER 200gr is a fantastic adventure consisting of crunchy and golden hazelnut, gently creamy nut filling and crispy waffle pieces on the top. This candy has been enjoyed by all sweet lovers around the world. Sweets FERRERO ROCHER 200gr must be enjoyed at all festivities and good moments.

    9,90 €
  • Macaroons Poppies

    Macaroons Poppies - Delicious, lovely, light and brittle: this classic bite-sized treat from the French cuisine has worldwide popularity! These delightful almond meringue cookies come in cheerful colours, numerous beloved flavours and a delightful crispy, but chewy texture.

    13,90 €
  • Sweets FERRERO ROCHER 300gr

    Sweets FERRERO ROCHER 300gr - the world's most delicious adventure with crisp hazelnut and delicious chocolate filling. This combination of taste will make you remember the sweetest moments and emotions of life. Sweets FERRERO ROCHER 300gr is the best choice.

    14,90 €
  • Sweets TOFFIFEE 400gr

    Sweets TOFFIFEE 400gr - a sophisticated taste adventure that will not disappoint you. It is a combination of taste combined with crunchy hazelnut, perfect caramel, gentle cream and a touch of chocolate. Sweets TOFFIFEE 400gr is a new discovery in the world of sweets.

    14,90 €
  • Sweets MERCI finest selection 400gr

    Sweets MERCI finest selection 400gr - a delicacy made from the finest ingredients in the world - an adventure for all chocolate lovers. MERCI finest selection 400gr - five different flavors.

    15,90 €
  • Sweets Set - Eclairs

    Sweets Set - Eclairs, add a sweet surprise to your bouquet or flower box. Eclairs will be the perfect complement to your flowers and allow your loved ones to enjoy their holiday.

    15,90 €
  • Additional price

    Additional price - This is not a product for ordering, it is an additional option where you can add an extra charge for a service.

    20,00 €

What sort of chocolate do you choose - light or dark chocolate?

Lighter or milk chocolate producers claim that their product is better for health because it contains milk and milk provides protein and calcium. Dark chocolate supporters point to higher iron content and antioxidants. The darker the chocolate is, the higher the cocoa concentration and the higher the antioxidant content.

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