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Sweets MERCI finest selection 400gr - a delicacy made from the finest ingredients in the world - an adventure for all chocolate lovers. MERCI finest selection 400gr - five different flavors.

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Sweets MERCI finest selection 400gr - DESCRIPTION


sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, POWDER POWDER, vegetable fat (palm, chicken), REDUCED NUTS, MANDELS, CRUDE POWDER, LACTOSE, POWDER POWDER, PALLET POWDER, BUTTER, DExtrose, POWDER POWDER, FATHER CECCOATED, EMULSOR (SOYA LECITHINE) , fructose, glucose syrup, coffee, invert sugar syrup, flavoring, salt. Whole milk chocolate with hazelnut filling: cocoa content in chocolate min. 32%. Cream chocolate: cocoa content in chocolate min. 32%. Whole milk chocolate with hazelnuts and almonds: cocoa content in chocolate min. 32%. Whole Chocolate with Praline Cream: Cocoa Chocolate Min. 32%. Black cream chocolate: cocoa content in chocolate min. 45%. Chocolate with marzipan filling: cocoa content in chocolate min. 50%. Black chocolate with cocoa: cocoa content in chocolate min. 50%. White chocolate covered with coffee cream chocolate: cocoa content min. 33% (cream chocolate), cocoa content min. 28% (white chocolate). HOW TO DRINK YOUR NUTS, NUTS, GROUNDNESS AND OTHER NUTRITIONAL NUTS.


Composition: Milk and products thereof (including lactose), nuts and their products, soya beans and products thereof


August Storck KG Waldstrasse 27x D-13403 Berlin www.storck.com


Valid until: see on the label. Storage temperature: 10 ° C to 25 ° C.



Shipping costs € (eur) in Riga city districts and cities of Latvia.

  1. Old Town (Rīga), Center, Andrejsala, Grizinkalns, Brasa, Skanste - free of charge
  2. Sarkandaugava, Mezaparks, Ciekurkalns, Mezciems - 5
  3. Teika, Jugla, Bergi, Purvciems, Plavnieki, Darzciems - 5
  4. Agenskalns, Kalnciems, Ziepniekkalns, Valdlauci, Kipsala - 5
  5. Imanta, Ilguciems, Dzirciems, Zolitude, Kengarags, Rumbula - 5
  6. Moscow Forshtadt, Tornakalns, Zasulauks - 5
  7. Ulbroka, Dreilini, Milgravis - 6
  8. Vecmilgravis, Jaunciems, Bolderaja, Riga Airport (Rīga - RIX), Marupe - 7
  9. Mangalsala, Balozi - 8
  10. Babite, Pinki, Salaspils, Kekava, Jaunmarupe - 10
  11. Baltezers, Adazi, Silakrogs - 13
  12. Jurmala, Carnikava, Olaine, Ikskile, Vangazi - 15
  13. Jelgava, Ogre, Ropaži, Ozolnieki, Iecava, Saulkrasti - 20
  14. Lielvarde, Sigulda - 25
  15. Tukums, Dobele, Bauska - 30

If you want to order a flowers in a city that is not on the list, we recommend that you contact us to clarify the price by phone +371 20523707. We will find common solutions because we care about the good service and our customers!


Payment for flowers is only possible through the secure payment system Paysera. Payments can be made from almost all countries of the world and possible payment methods - VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO and other cards, Internet banking, Webmoney or Bank transfer.

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Георгий Б  -   (Rīga, Latvia)
Спасибо за заказ. Все было доставлено в срок и хорошего качества

Большое спасибо за Bаш отзыв! :)

Angelina S  -   (Rīga, Latvia)
Замечательный букет и отличный сервис. Спасибо.

Огромное Вам спасибо за отзыв!

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