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  • Heart of Artificial Flowers Personalized
    -5,00 €
    Heart of Artificial Flowers

    Heart of Artificial Flowers - Tired of traditional gifts, but want to congratulate your loved one with a heartfelt and love-filled gift that will delight your loved one for months to come? The heart of artificial flowers will really delight its recipient months or even years. This bright red heart of roses will help you confess your most distinguished...

    27,00 € 32,00 € -5,00 €
  • Candy tree Personalized
    -9,00 €
    Candy tree

    Candy tree - a gift, decor, it can be ordered with sweets of your choice or rely on our florists. The height of the candy tree is 40cm, it contains about 1,2kg of sweets. Production time is up to 2 days.

    36,90 € 45,90 € -9,00 €