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Additional price - This is not a product for ordering, it is an additional option where you can add an extra charge for a service.

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20,00 €

1. Example
You did not find your delivery region in our delivery locations list, but you want to make a flower delivery. You are contacting our store and we agree on the delivery price. When you make a purchase, you add this item to a certain amount that we have negotiated. This will pay the shipping cost to your region.

2. Example
You have found a fantastic bouquet in our shop, but you want it bigger. You add a bouquet to your shopping cart and add this item to a certain amount you want to add to this bouquet.

But remember! What is very important!
Please contact our flower shop before adding anything.

Shipping costs € (eur) in Riga city districts and cities of Latvia.

  1. Old Town (Rīga), Center, Andrejsala, Grizinkalns, Brasa, Skanste - free of charge
  2. Sarkandaugava, Mezaparks, Ciekurkalns, Mezciems - 5
  3. Teika, Jugla, Bergi, Purvciems, Plavnieki, Darzciems - 5
  4. Agenskalns, Kalnciems, Ziepniekkalns, Valdlauci, Kipsala - 5
  5. Imanta, Ilguciems, Dzirciems, Zolitude, Kengarags, Rumbula - 5
  6. Moscow Forshtadt, Tornakalns, Zasulauks - 5
  7. Ulbroka, Dreilini, Milgravis - 6
  8. Vecmilgravis, Jaunciems, Bolderaja, Riga Airport (Rīga - RIX), Marupe - 7
  9. Mangalsala, Balozi - 8
  10. Babite, Pinki, Salaspils, Kekava, Jaunmarupe - 10
  11. Baltezers, Adazi, Silakrogs - 13
  12. Jurmala, Carnikava, Olaine, Ikskile, Vangazi - 15
  13. Jelgava, Ogre, Ropaži, Ozolnieki, Iecava, Saulkrasti - 20
  14. Lielvarde, Sigulda - 25
  15. Tukums, Dobele, Bauska - 30

If you want to order a flowers in a city that is not on the list, we recommend that you contact us to clarify the price by phone +371 20523707. We will find common solutions because we care about the good service and our customers!


Payment for flowers is only possible through the secure payment system Paysera. Payments can be made from almost all countries of the world and possible payment methods - VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO and other cards, Internet banking, Webmoney or Bank transfer.

Ratings and comments from our customers

Marius T  -   (Rīga, Latvia)
Прекрасные и превосходные цветы. Свежие, яркие и стойкие. Композиция цветов была составлена очень гармонично. Никаких притензий к качеству и оформлению. Все отлично. Отдельно хочется отметить доставку. Курьер точно вовремя и сквозь огонь и воду доставит. Одним словом, цветы от Violet - укрепляют отношение. Рекомендую.

Огромное Вам спасибо за отзыв. Очень приятно слышать такие хорошие слова!

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