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Tulip Bouquet - White

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Tulip Bouquet - White Flower bouquets Expand

Tulip Bouquet - White. As once told by our great poet, Imants Ziedonis: "Nothing is warmer than the snow ball that one person gifts to other." These beautiful and snowy tulips will definitely create such a lyrical mood for the recipient of these flowers.

Before ordering, we recommend that you contact the flower shop for more details on flower availability.

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38,50 €

Tulip Bouquet - White - THE COMPOSITION

At the end of the tulip season, there may be changes in the delivery of tulip bouquets and compositions. To ensure availability of tulips, please make pre-orders for these compositions or contact VIOLET.LV before placing your order.

White tulips

Decorative tape

Size S - 27 tulips

Size M - 57 tulips

Size L - 107 tulips

The composition image is informative. Small changes in flower arrangements and flower bouquets are possible. The color of flowers or the composition of flowers may vary slightly depending on the seasonality of the flowers. Our florists will create the most beautiful floral composition that will preserve the nature of the bouquet shown in the picture. You will be contacted by VIOLET.LV personally for changes in flower arrangements or flower bouquets.