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Flower Box with tulips - the messenger of spring, freshness and romance. Beautiful, colorful and joyful tulip composition in a round-shaped flower box, delighted by its recipient, any time of year. The composition is made of 27 tulips, depending on the size of the flower head, the number of tulips may vary slightly.

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52,90 €

Flower Box with tulips - THE COMPOSITION

At the end of the tulip season, there may be changes in the delivery of tulip bouquets and compositions. To ensure availability of tulips, please make pre-orders for these compositions or contact VIOLET.LV before placing your order.

Round shape flower box
Flower Oasis
Decorative tape

Size S - 27 different color tulips

Size M - 37 different color tulips

Size L - 47 different color tulips

The number of flowers may vary slightly depending on the size of the flower head. The composition image is illustrative. There are slight changes in flower compositions and flower boxes. The color of flowers or the composition of flowers may vary slightly depending on the seasonality of the flowers. Our florists will create the most beautiful floral composition that will preserve the essence of the flower box shown in the picture. You will be contacted by VIOLET.LV personally for changes in flower arrangements or flower bouquets.

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