Pink bush roses


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Pink bush roses Flower boxes Expand

How better to express your feelings, if not with a beautiful flower composition, in a beautiful flower box. Shrub roses have become one of the favourite flowers that are chosen by more people. We have taken care to impress everyone.

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34,80 €

Flower Box - Pink Shrub Roses - Composition

Shrub Roses

Hat dressing

Flower Oasis

Decorative tape

The flower box consists of 9 flowers

The number of flowers may vary slightly depending on the size of the flower head. The composition image is illustrative. There are slight changes in flower compositions and flower boxes. The color of flowers or the composition of flowers may vary slightly depending on the seasonality of the flowers. Our florists will create the most beautiful floral composition that will preserve the essence of the flower box shown in the picture. You will be contacted by VIOLET.LV personally for changes in flower arrangements or flower bouquets.