February 14, Saint Valentine day

Published : 11/29/2019 18:07:22

What is Valentine's Day?

St. Valentine's Day is considered a holiday for all lovers, celebrated on 14 February each year, right in the middle of February. This festival is particularly popular in Western Europe and the United States, although in recent years, it has been celebrated all around the world.

It is customary for this holiday to be gifted to loved ones. Beautiful greeting cards and giant bosom of roses presented.

February 14

How did St. Valentine's Day come about?

According to one of the most popular versions of it, the roots of this holiday can be traced back to ancient Rome. There, on February 14, the Romans worshiped Goddess Juno, the patroness of all women, the goddess of marriage and motherhood. When exactly the next day (February 15th) began the Fertility Festival. This holiday was quite brutal, with Lupera Priests undressing, wearing only goatskin, running around the city, beating gracious women, thereby believing that it would yield fertility and easy delivery for women.

On February 14, the Catholic Church commemorates its two martyrs, Valentin of Rome and Valentin of Interamsk, who lived in the 3rd century. The Bishop of Intername was renowned for his healing abilities. He was arrested during the persecution of Christians, and after he refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods, he was tortured and then beheaded.

St. Valentine of Legends is a collective image that unites Valentine Intermansky and Valentine Romance. In the Middle Ages, his name began to be associated with the beloved character. The legend tells of a farewell letter with a declaration of love sent by Valentine before the death of her prisoner, Julia's daughter.

According to another version, Valentine handed the letter to the blind girl and she was miraculously healed from blindness. Following this legend, there was also a tradition of presenting Valentine's Day cards.

St Valentine

How is All Lovers Day celebrated?

In the 20th century, February 14 finally became a day as we know it today, not a religious holiday. On this day it is customary to give gifts, flowers and sweets to loved ones and friends. A toy, balloons or flowers are considered sufficient gifts, but nowadays Valentine's Day gifts have become brilliant jewelry and expensive luxury cars.

This is a romantic holiday. February is considered to be a great day for marriage, weddings or a memorable date.

Valentine's Day Greetings and Gifts!

A card in the form of a heart is considered to be a mandatory component of a holiday gift. Valentine's Day cards can be sent not only to your loved one, but also to friends and family, as Valentine's Day is a celebration of a variety of forms of love.

The most popular gift is red roses. This celebration of rose growers and sellers is especially feasting, because on this day many lovers' hearts have to be delighted with flowers.

Saint Valentines day

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