Peonies - history, varieties and cultivation

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In this article you will learn a lot about peonies. A small review of Peony history. Insight into Peony Flower Varieties (tree peony and bush peony). Presentation and symbolic significance of peony flower bouquets.


History of Peonies

Legend tells that peonies have taken their name from the ancient Greek physician Peon. He used peonies in treatments and with this plant he cured many Trojan warriors. With a treatment peony (P.officinalis) he managed to cure even Pluto.

Peon's teacher envied his pupil's success and poisoned him. The Gods revived Peon, but in order for the teacher not to recognize him, the Gods turned him into a peony flower.

Findings and studies show that Peonies have been grown for about 100,000 years. Peonies began to be used in healing and treatment already 5,000 years ago. Peony cultivation for both therapeutic and decorative purposes has been developed during the reigns of many dynasties for many thousands of years.

During the reign of the Song Dynasty (Song, 1127.-1279.), The town of Luoyang became the capital of peony, as it is today - in the 10 ha area of ​​the Vechen Park, you can see up to 1000,000 peonies. In mid-April every year, the largest festival of peony in the world takes place in this 2 million city!

In China, peony has been seen as a symbol of love and prosperity since ancient times. The legend tells that a young man's gift of peony meant confession in love. In many beliefs of ancient peoples, it is said that peonies in home represents peace, harmony, and love. Peonies are described as a source of positive energy, optimism, joy and health. Peony cers radiates positive energy within a few meters radius, the radius is even higher during flowering.

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Varieties of Peonies

Peony plants and their cultivation

Peony is best known for its scientific name, Paeonia. It's just a genus name - some peonies have different Latin names.

5 most favorite varieties of Peony

Favorite Peony variety ETCHED SALMON, florist selection

These coral, full and beautiful peony flowers are very popular among florists to create beautiful and luxurious peony bouquets. These varieties of peony flowers can reach 17cm in diameter and known for they large and decorative leaves. The peonies of this breed have a citrus scent and are up to 90cm high.

Tree-like peony variety AMBROSE CONGREVE

This is extra large blossom-packed wooden peony with a flower diameter of 18-22 cm. The characteristic color of the petals of these peony plants is cream white with a large raspberry violet patch at the center. Peony bush leaves are purple with green, with purple borders.

Tree-shaped peony variety HATSU GARASHU

Wonderful, large flower, filled peony with flower diameter up to 17cm. This variety of peony is distinguished by its beautiful chocolate wine-red color and the yellow flower center. These peony plants are very popular choice of gardeners, this flower will certainly stand out among the rest of the flowers.


The characteristic flowers of the bouquet are in pink color, and the color of the petals is more intense. The diameter of the flower is up to 17 cm. Medium floral variety with a strong pleasant smell. Flower buds with a lot of side buds, blooming for a long time. The height of the peony is up to 90 cm.


Narrow, dense, ball-shaped flowers up to 18 cm in diameter. Excellent shape, long bloom, change color to apricot orange. Medium floral variety with a very pleasant, light scent. Bush is up to 100 cm high. This Peony variety is often the leader of exhibitions!

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Peony Cultivation

Tips for growing peony

Tree-like and shrub peonies are a suitable and durable plant in the climatic conditions of Latvia.

Tips for Peony Breeding:

  1. If peonies have already been planted, then the transplantation of peonies should be avoided, as these flowers do not like even minimal root traumatization. Peony bushes definitely can not be divided.

  2. Peonies should not be planted in damp areas or in hollows where water collects. Peonies prefer drier soil than wet. Be sure not to be overwhelmed by excessive watering. Bush and wooden peonies are not suitable for acidic soils.

  3. Peony fertilization: peonies should not be overgrown (especially with manure). It is better that peonies grow slowly and "half-starved". It is recommended that the peonies be fertilized once a year with Flortis granulated concentrated slow-acting fertilizers (Flortis Blue or Flortis Plus). In the spring, 1-2 small teaspoons are wrapped around a small shrub, enough for the whole season, with only 1 teaspoon of fertilizer needed for the plant.

  4. Youngsters have to "hibernate". It is recommended to cover the peony with dry peat, about 30 cm. In spring, after the frost, peat should be removed. Ingrowth and good entrenchment take place slowly, so you should be especially careful of frost. Coating with peat is desirable at least for the first two, three winters.

  5. Peony shrubs can be planted both in the sun and in the peninsula, peonies bloom equally well in both places. Peonies can also be planted in windy places such as the corners of houses. Peonies have no need for leeches. Growing peony branches can't be cut and shortened.

  6. Old peony blossoms are cut off so that the forming seed does not weaken the plants, otherwise peonies will bloom less in the next season. For giant flower peonies (25-30 cm in diameter), the number of flowers will be smaller, the number of smaller flower peony (10-15 cm in diameter) will be higher.

Peony Flowering Time

The Peony season begins with shoots and leaves, but the true beauty of peony comes out when the peony flowers bloom at the end of spring. In most places they will bloom in April, May or June. Tree-shaped peonies bloom first (around Mother's Day), followed by herbaceous varieties (shrub peonies) and then various peony crosses. If all three types are included in the garden - tree, herbaceous, crossover peony, then peony blooms can be enjoyed for up to seven weeks.

Peony Flower Color

Peony colors range from white, pink and red to corals, reddish-brown and yellow. Many peony flowers change color when they open and bloom, so every day you look at peonies you can appreciate the diversity of these differences and flower colors.

Peony Flower Aroma

Peony flower aroma is very enjoyable. Their scents can vary from variety to variety - some are aromatic with lemons, some have a tempting citrus scent, and some have a slightly spicy aroma. Depending on how strong you want the scent you can choose the appropriate peony variety, for example, Chinese tree peonies have a stronger flavor than Japanese tree peonies.

The meaning of peony flowers

Peony bouquets

It was previously believed that peonies are only for house warming parties, but that have been changed. Peony have had become the favorite flowers of many women, which are also really available in many countries. Brides increasingly choose to include beautiful peony flowers in their bouquets.

Peony Flower Bouquets For Women

Symbolism of Peony flower

Peony flowers and flower bouquets symbolize long life, health, happiness and prosperity. For China, this flower is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and success. In China, soldiers after each winning battle planted one peonie at the yard to remember victory. For China this flower is a national symbol. Beautiful peony bouquets are presented to show off for a better result.

The latest Chinese tradition, which we have included in Latvian wedding ceremonies, According to Feng Shui, peony symbolizes balance and yin and yang - female and male. Peony is a symbol of a happy and harmonious life at home. Young men give peony to their wife, to confirm their love and feelings.

In Europe, beautiful peony flowers are grown almost in every country.  Peonies in floral compositions are very popular, because of their big, soft and beautiful flowers. Peony bouquets or flower box with peonies will be perfect flowers for women.

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