About the colors of the roses!

Published : 10/23/2018 14:27:56

Roses are red, pink, white, black and many other colors. To make your life in the right choice of rose color, VIOLET.LV flower delivery offers some insight into the choice of rose colors and means! Make your flower delivery easier and more enjoyable for the recipient!

Red roses

Red roses are the most commonly given roses. The red rose symbolizes the existence of romantic feelings, love. The red roses also reflect beauty and perfection.

Yellow roses

Brightness, joy and joy are what comes to mind when thinking of yellow roses. Yellow roses create warm feelings. By giving the yellow roses, the recipient will feel the friendliness and joy with which you shared.

Pink rose roses

Pink rose gives a sense of happiness, grace and admiration. Elegance, pleasure and sweetness. The rose rose bouquet is a more cautious and gentler way of expressing your love.

White roses

White roses express innocence, purity and charm. White roses are traditionally used for weddings and new relationships. White roses are also a testimony to the light memorial. The white roses can not be mistaken - whatever the gift of a feeler will be, the recipient will be able to appreciate them.

Orange painted roses

With its flaming energy, orange-colored roses symbolize passion and a passionate affection for the disclosure of power. The orange color is often associated with a sunny time in your life.

VIOLET.LV flower delivery wishes you to create nice feelings and emotions both to the recipient of the flowers and to the senders themselves! Order your chosen roses today - https://violet.lv

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