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Plantui 6 Smart Garden is a unique all-in-one indoor garden device. Plantui 6 Smart Garden with its intelligent light system and automatic watering pump helps you to grow fresh, tasty and pure greens year round. Grow your favourite herbs, salad greens and edible flowers from seed to full grown plants in 5-8 weeks. No soil, no gardening skills needed!

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Plantui 6 Smart garden manual

In one Plantui 6 Smart Garden you can grow 6 plants at a time

Plant Capsules are not included with the purchase of this Smart Garden.

Setting up

Check our Youtube channel @plantuicom for instruction videos.

Before setting up the device:

Pull off the Light Unit (13) from the Watering Unit (15). Lift off the Watering Unit (15) from the water bowl (16).

1. Add water & nutrients

1a. Add 3 liters of water with 3 spoonfuls of nutrients to the water bowl (16). The spoon is attached on the box. The nutrients are in the Plant Capsule package. Do not exceed the 3 liter water limit line! 1b. Place the Watering Unit (15) to the water bowl (16).

2. Place plant capsules

2a. Remove the centers of the labels. 2b. Place the capsules to the six empty holes. NOTE: Do not leave any holes empty, except the seventh hole, which is only for adding water. We recommend to grow plants with the same growing time together. You can see the growth timelines on each Plant Capsule package.

3. Plug in the device
3a. Plug in the device. 3b. Put on the Light Unit (13) without a Height Block (14). Pink lights turn

on, the germination phase has begun. You can hear the first irrigation start. It’s time to grow!


4. Sleeptimer

Plantui Smart Gardens sleep for 8 hours daily. The device will go automatically to sleep after 16 hours from turning it on. The timer can be readjusted, if necessary. Set the sleep timer by holding your hand on top of the Light Unit (13) for 3 sec - lights will blink 2 times and then turn off.

5. Height Blocks
Add the first Height Block (14) when the first leaves appear. Add the 2nd Height Block before the

leaves touch the Light Unit (13).

6. Water & nutrients

If the pump starts to be noisy, the water level is low. You can check the water level by lifting up the Watering Unit (15) by the handles. Mix 2 spoonfuls of nutrients with 2 liters of water and pour the solution into the water hole. When water has run out completely, Plantui flashes blue lights. NOTE: The water level should not exceed 3 liters.

7. Holiday Pause

You can use Holiday Pause to make your plants use less water and grow slower when you are away. Hold your hand on top of the Light Unit (13) for 10 sec until the lights turn purple. Add nutrients and water if necessary. NOTE: The water level should not exceed 3 liters. Holiday Pause does not work without Height Blocks. Return the device to the normal mode by sweeping your hand on top of the Light Unit.

8. Harvesting
You can start using the plants when they are big enough. Check out the plant specific growing

instructions and harvest times on our web site

9. Removing deposits / Descaling

Tap water may form deposits in the pump and on the plastic parts. Add 1 tablespoon (15 ml)
of citric acid with 3 liters of warm water (max 55 °C) in the water bowl (16) of an empty Smart Garden. Hold your hand on the top of the Light Unit (13) for 15 secs until the lights turn blue. The pump will operate for 2,5 min. (If necessary, leave it to soak for a few hours and restart the pump.) Then wash the parts in the dishwasher (max 55 °C, see part 10). Citric acid can be bought on our web site

10. Washing the parts
Wash the bowl (16), the plant tray (15b) and the water tray (15c) after each crop. Wash the grey

pump by hand. NOTE: max. +55 °C. Do not wash the electrical parts (13, 14, 15a)!

11. Reassemble parts

11a. Assemble watering pieces together, by aligning the water holes with each other.11b. Make sure the pump is locked.

12. Get new Plant Capsules
Visit our web site for new and exciting plant varieties and flavours.

Rebooting the Light Unit

If any problems would occur with the Light Unit (13), reboot it by unplugging the device for at least 10 hours. Then plug in the device and reset the sleep timer (see part 4). If this doesn’t help, contact us:

Do not place the Smart Garden on a tilted surface, in direct sunlight, or outside.

Shipping costs € (eur) in Riga city districts and cities of Latvia.

  1. Old Town (Rīga), Center, Andrejsala, Grizinkalns, Brasa, Skanste - free of charge
  2. Sarkandaugava, Mezaparks, Ciekurkalns, Mezciems - 5
  3. Teika, Jugla, Bergi, Purvciems, Plavnieki, Darzciems - 5
  4. Agenskalns, Kalnciems, Ziepniekkalns, Valdlauci, Kipsala - 5
  5. Imanta, Ilguciems, Dzirciems, Zolitude, Kengarags, Rumbula - 5
  6. Moscow Forshtadt, Tornakalns, Zasulauks - 5
  7. Ulbroka, Dreilini, Milgravis - 6
  8. Vecmilgravis, Jaunciems, Bolderaja, Riga Airport (Rīga - RIX), Marupe - 7
  9. Mangalsala, Balozi - 8
  10. Babite, Pinki, Salaspils, Kekava, Jaunmarupe - 10
  11. Baltezers, Adazi, Silakrogs - 13
  12. Jurmala, Carnikava, Olaine, Ikskile, Vangazi - 15
  13. Jelgava, Ogre, Ropaži, Ozolnieki, Iecava, Saulkrasti - 20
  14. Lielvarde, Sigulda - 25
  15. Tukums, Dobele, Bauska - 30

If you want to order a flowers in a city that is not on the list, we recommend that you contact us to clarify the price by phone +371 20523707. We will find common solutions because we care about the good service and our customers!


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