Flower boxes
  • Flower Box with tulips

    Flower Box with tulips - the messenger of spring, freshness and romance. Beautiful, colorful and joyful tulip composition in a round-shaped flower box, delighted by its recipient, any time of year. The composition is made of 27 tulips, depending on the size of the flower head, the number of tulips may vary slightly.

    47,90 €
  • Flower Box with white roses

    Flower Box with white roses - a charming white rose composition in a round-shaped gift box. If you want to be surprised, this is the right choice. The composition is made of 19 roses, depending on the size of the flower head, the number of roses may vary slightly.

    56,90 €
  • Flower Box with red roses

    Flower Box with red roses - these flowers will make the flower recipient feel special and loved. As we know, red is the color of love and passion, if you want someone to feel, this will definitely be the right choice of flowers. The number of roses may vary depending on the size of the flower head.

    56,90 €
  • Flower Box - Red cloud

    Flower Box - Red cloud is a sophisticated and elegant greeting at the celebration. Carmine-red roses and black elegant hat box, complemented with a beautiful red satin ribbon. This flower box will make the recipient's heart beat faster. A great way to express your feelings without words.

    58,90 €
  • Flower Box - Brilliance

    Flower Box - Brilliance. This gorgeous and sophisticated rose box will make the breath pass by any recipient of this gift. Ruby red roses, elegantly in a black flower box, complemented with beautiful and glittering crystals will delight the recipient of the gift for days, and will look elegant, and will surely be respected by others.

    63,90 €
  • Flower Box with flower composition

    Flower Box with flower composition - this beautiful spring greeting in a round-shaped flower box will definitely be a perfect gift for the recipient, who will smile all day long. The floral composition is made up of various flowers: rose, lysantes, carnations and ornamental plants.

    69,90 €
  • Flower Box - Hunter

    Flower Box - Hunter. A great gift for a man. Roses of different colours that are complemented with pheasants feathers. A little wild but definitely a gorgeous greeting that will please any man in his celebration. Yes, men also love to receive flowers at the feast and with such a gift you will definitely earn the best words of gratitude and others admiration.

    70,80 €
  • Flower Box - Cocktail

    Flower Box - Cocktail will be the right choice if you want to please someone, but you are not sure about the choice of flowers. The flower box is designed for the seasonal flowers, in a round-shaped flower box. This flower box will always be up to date, beautiful and fresh.

    71,90 €
  • Flower Box - For Princess

    Flower Box - For Princess is made up of various flowers and roses with a similar color range. Ornamental plants give this floral composition a special sense of sophistication. This will definitely be the right choice for a wonderful first date.

    73,90 €
  • Flower Box - Blue Sky

    Flower Box - Blue sky is a flower composition that will make the flower recipient feel loved. This beautiful flower composition will be able to delight not only the recipient of flowers, but also everyone around you. The composition is made of different flowers and roses.

    75,90 €
  • Flower Box - Heart

    Flower Box - Heart, a charming white rose composition in a heart shaped gift box. The heart-shaped flower box will always be up to date and will please any heart. The composition is made of 27 roses, depending on the size of the flower head, the number of roses may vary slightly.

    75,90 €
  • Flower Box with different colored roses

    Flower Box with different colored roses - a charming rose composition in a round-shaped gift box. If you want to be surprised, this is the right choice. The composition is made of 37 roses, depending on the size of the flower head, the number of roses may vary slightly.

    81,90 €
Gift boxes
  • Flowers in the box

    Flowers in the box - Want to surprise someone with flowers, but do you get tired of the everyday flower bouquets? We have the perfect solution. A flower box complemented with great sweets that will taste for everyone. A beautiful and original surprise hidden in a great gift box, this is a gift and flowers - two in one.

    29,00 €
  • Good gift for woman

    Good gift for woman - Want to have a nice evening with your loved one, but don't know how? We can offer a proven and beautiful way to please your woman. Great surprise and original gift. Enjoy a special drink in the candlelight and delight your taste buds with special sweets. And all in one great surprise box. It will be a fantastic gift for a woman.

    37,90 €
  • Gift Box with macaroons

    Gift Box with macaroons - an elegant and unique gift box that will fit any celebration and life situation. For a romantic evening with you loved one, a Valentine's Day surprise, for a meeting with the best girlfriend, a nice surprise at work or any other life situation.

    45,00 €
  • Great gift for a woman

    Great gift for a woman - this is a gift box that will be perfect for any surprise or any celebration. It is enough to look for the best gift we have created it for you. We have made sure that any celebrations you celebrate have succeeded. With such a great gift box you can even go for a picnic, everything you need is here!

    59,00 €
  • Gift box for man

    Gift box for man - Elegant black box that hides mysterious. It is such a mysterious, carmine-red and juicy surprise that is hidden in this gift. Delight your beloved with this elegant surprise today.

    69,00 €
  • Original gift for woman

    Original gift for woman - an elegant minimalism that will please every recipient of this original gift. Roses will be able to convey the message of the shipment without words to you. The delicious Fererro Rocher chocolate candies will surely delight the recipient.

    75,00 €
  • Romantic surprise

    Romantic surprise - a gift you don't have to look for long. We've taken care of everything you need to make your memorable moments. Every woman loves flowers and sweets, this is the gift in an elegant package that will make your loved one smile all night long.

    77,00 €
  • Gift box with 19 roses

    Gift box with 19 roses - are you pleased to surprise your beloved with a romantic evening or Happy Valentine's Day? There are 19 roses added to this elegant gift box: a symbol of feelings, sincerity and love. By giving roses, you are guaranteed to please the recipient and you will hear the enthusiasm and the words of gratitude. It will be a good gift for...

    82,90 €

Flower delivery in Riga and Latvia

Flower shop VIOLET.LV offers flower delivery 24 hours a day, in Riga and Jurmala, as well as in other Latvian cities. We will create a beautiful and original bouquet that will be delivered by the flower courier to the home, office or other place where the flower recipient is located. We are professional florists who have a lot of experience in making bouquets and compositions. The bouquets are designed in accordance with the principles of flower arrangement, and we add our uniqueness to each bouquet.

Flowers with delivery

Flower delivery service VIOLET.LV uses all the available flowers - rose, gerbera, tulip, lily, peony, daffodil, lysine, buttercup, asters, gladiolus. We also make big greeting bouquets - 51 roses, 101 roses. We offer individually designed decor for the interior and various festivities, convenient and affordable solutions for corporate customers, discounts for our independent flower delivery customers. Offer includes roses, flower bouquets, flower boxes, flower baskets, fruit baskets, gifts, personalized bouquets. You can also add candies, macaroons or coffee to your order.

If you don't know how to delight and congratulate your loved one, how to surprise a colleague or friend? Flowers with delivery is a convenient and modern solution! Our florists will delight your recipient with an exquisite bouquet.


choice of individual bouquets;
fresh flowers;
free delivery of flowers to the home, office or other place in the center of Riga;
discounts for independent customers;
flower shop staff assistance;
anonymous delivery;
24/7 delivery;
flower delivery at your chosen time.

You can order bouquets with delivery at our online flower shop or by calling +371 20523707.

If you want to order flowers to another city that is not on the list of places to be delivered, contact us and we will find common solutions.


VIOLET.LV offers a 24/7 service, flower delivery time in Riga - from 2 hours, in Jurmala and other cities of Latvia - from 3 hours.

Free flower delivery in the center of Riga is possible on any business day, except holidays, from 9:00 to 21:00! For an additional fee, the flower courier will also deliver the order during the night hours. For night delivery - contact us before ordering.

Delivery times are approximate as they may vary depending on traffic intensity, weather conditions, and flower shop loading. We recommend that you make your order in a timely manner - one day in advance, before Christmas - New Year, Valentine's Day, March 8, and other holidays - 3 days in advance. When ordering flowers in advance, the store will guarantee timely delivery of your order. Delivery priority is for timely orders.


Bouquets, decorations, compositions are tasteful and beautiful, they are good gifts to congratulate and a good choice to make your beloved one's day much nicer!

The composition and appearance of all the available bouquets and decorations may differ slightly from the pictures shown.


  1. Choose bouquet from the VIOLET.LV flower shop.
  2. Enter all the necessary information - Secure Internet payments are provided by Paysera's payment system and PayPal.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email about your order.
  4. Flower courier will deliver your order to the specified delivery address.
  5. After completing the order, we will send a confirmation letter with a photo if the recipient agrees to take the photo.
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