Orange rose bouquet

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Orange rose bouquet Roses Expand

Orange has always been a joy and a positive full color. The beautiful orange rose bouquet will be able to give the sun's heat even on a rainy day. This bouquet will be able to revive and bring warmth and joy in any home and in the heart of people. This will be a great way to please a beloved woman, mom or work colleague. Orange flowers will be suitable for any celebration.

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51,00 €

Orange Rose Bouquet - Composition

Decorative tape

Standard size - 27 flowers
Larger size - 37 flowers

The composition image is informative. Small changes in flower arrangements and flower bouquets are possible. The color of flowers or the composition of flowers may vary slightly depending on the seasonality of the flowers. Our florists will create the most beautiful floral composition that will preserve the nature of the bouquet shown in the picture. You will be contacted by VIOLET.LV personally for changes in flower arrangements or flower bouquets.